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Will writing


Your will is one of the most important documents you'll draft in your life. It dictates the financial future of your loved ones and protects your assets. If you are looking for experienced lawyers for wills in Oshawa, visit the office of Sheldon Stein Barrister & Solicitor. We can help you draft your will to make its contents uncontentious in the future.

When you enlist the services of our lawyers for wills in Oshawa, you receive legal assistance that is completely personalized. We will assess your finances and wishes to create a will that reflects you. Our lawyers work hard to ensure your will adheres to all the relevant legalities, leaving no room for future familial disputes. 

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What Is a Will?

Simply put, a will is a legal document that outlines how your assets will be dealt with after you pass away. Some of the many fundamentals that a will addresses include:


  • Beneficiaries

  • Appointment of an executor

  • A plan for when and how the beneficiaries will inherit the assets

  • Appointment of legal guardians for any minors

  • And more


If you'd like to know more, we invite you to schedule an appointment with our lawyers for wills in Oshawa.

Making a Will

While you can write your own will and sign it to make it legal, it is always better to have it written by a lawyer so that there is no misunderstanding and no wishes of yours are left open to interpretation. Professionals have a deeper understanding of the law and will ensure that all the points mentioned in your will are permissible by law. 

Will statment

Protect Your Loved Ones

With the assistance of our lawyers for wills in Oshawa, you can secure your assets for your loved ones.

Once your will is drafted, please keep it in a safe place that the executor knows about. You must review it every few years to ensure it reflects all your wishes. You can also get it updated after significant life events like marriage, divorce, property acquisition, the birth of children, death in the family, etc.

Why Are Wills Important?

There are numerous reasons why having a will is essential. These include:

  • Asset division: If you pass away without a will established, the courts will decide what happens to your assets. This means that there is a chance that the asset might not end up in the hands of your loved ones.

  • Securing financial future: Without a will, the process of asset division becomes unnecessarily lengthy and tedious. This jeopardizes your family's financial future.

  • Protecting your kids’ future: With a will, you can clearly dictate the terms of your children's care. When you don't have a will, the court will have to decide what happens to them. 

  • Limiting taxation: With a solid will in place, you can limit probate taxation and fee, which protects your assets. This ensures your loved ones get adequate access to your assets. 

Would you like to learn more about the importance of wills? Please speak to us. We can also help you with real estate matters.

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