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Life can change in an instant. Your life and livelihood can be altered forever in just a matter of seconds. And, when it comes to preserving your assets and securing the future of your loved ones, you should only turn to a team you can trust. If you are searching for an expert team to put your faith in, Sheldon Stein Barrister & Solicitor is the right solution. If the unthinkable occurs, we want to help you with your possessions and wealth. We have provided legal advice related to estate planning in Oshawa for over three decades. When you visit us for legal assistance, we ensure your financial assets are safe.

An unforeseen incident can cause numerous unwanted legalities and penalties if you have an unplanned estate. At Sheldon Stein, we have assisted our clients by providing dependable estate administration and planning. Our services can help minimize stress and uncertainty for your loved ones during unfortunate circumstances.

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Wondering What Estate Planning is?

In simple terms, estate planning involves making decisions about the transfer of assets in the event of an individual's passing away. Generally, estate planning is motivated by two desires:

  • To ensure your assets are distributed as per your wishes and,

  • To minimize liabilities

Estate planning can involve numerous instructions and legal documents about decisions such as funeral arrangements, the setting up of trust funds, the ownership of your property and more. Having an estate plan will ensure that your will is carried out in the way you intended and that your assets are used to support the people and causes that matter most to you. 


Have queries about estate planning in Oshawa? Please mail us your questions to get expert answers from our seasoned lawyers.

Preserve Your Assets

Our estate planning in Oshawa can help you safeguard your family's financial future. 

The Benefits of Estate Planning

If you are on the fence about estate planning, we invite you to consider some of its numerous benefits. They include:

  • Inheritance: The chief benefit of planning your estate is that it leaves no room for unwanted inheritors. Leaving a proper will ensures that your wishes are respected.

  • Probate: Probate refers to the process where a deceased individual's will and assets are assessed by the court. While in some cases, probate might not be unavoidable, prior estate planning can accelerate the process.

  • Disputes: Unfortunately, issues regarding inheritance can lead to ugly familial disputes. A well-planned estate minimizes any confusion and disagreements regarding the distribution of assets.

  • Children: Estate planning can also involve keeping the well-being and financial future of young children in consideration. With such comprehensive planning, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your children will be cared for.

  • Taxation: By using the assistance of an experienced lawyer while planning your estate, you can reduce taxation from chipping away at your assets. It will allow your family to save time as well as resources.

Would you like to discuss estate planning in Oshawa with us? Reach out to our team today.

Protect the Future of Your Family or Business

One should always be prepared for the unexpected. It is important to ensure your family is taken care of, even in your absence. Sheldon Stein has worked with individuals and families across the Durham Region. Together, we craft client-focused wills, estates and powers of attorney to offer peace of mind to clients.

Our law office offers estate planning and estate administration services for clients looking for legal advice related to matters of succession. We can also help you plan the transition of ownership of your business or professional practice.

Contact our office today to discuss your wills, estates, and powers of attorney needs.

Contact Us for Estate Planning in Oshawa

Sheldon Stein’s team of experienced and qualified lawyers is always ready to assist clients with wills & estate planning in Oshawa. We also offer services regarding real estate to help you structure your assets in the best possible manner.

Are You Facing Property-Related Issues?

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